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Airrays Drone Services, rooted in Northern B.C., specializes in advanced drone mapping and aerial surveying for various industries. Our expert team manages your projects from start to finish, including detailed planning, precise data capture, and comprehensive post-processing. Catering to engineers, construction projects, company overviews, inspections, and insurance assessments, we deliver unmatched professionalism and top-quality results. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer competitive pricing for high-caliber services, ensuring that Airrays stands out as your premier choice for industrial and mapping solutions. Contact us to experience the Airrays advantage.

Featured Project

In the fall of 2023, Airrays Drone Services completed a landmark project, conducting an in-depth aerial survey for a government forestry study, amidst the challenging conditions of a nearby wildfire, in collaboration with BC Wildfire. Flying at 400 feet AGL, our team expertly navigated the complexities of the environment to capture over 80,000 high-resolution images, successfully mapping 2,600 hectares of forest land with a remarkable Ground Sample Distance (GSD) of 1.5cm/pixel. This project not only highlighted the advanced capabilities and resilience of our drone technology in facing adverse conditions but also emphasized our dedication to forest conservation and effective wildfire management. Achieving such precision mapping at a detailed scale from 400 feet AGL, we provided critical data essential for the sustainable management and protection of our forest resources. It's noteworthy that on smaller projects, where we can fly lower, our drones are capable of delivering even more exceptional results, further enhancing the accuracy and usefulness of the data collected for conservation efforts and strategic planning against wildfire threats.

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“I couldn’t ask for better ,it’s AWESOME, as usual!! I love it!”


“AirRays are friendly and great to work with. Very cool service! We were very happy with the final products! I would highly recommend them!”

Jenna McAulay

“Does excellent work, very professional and knowledgeable about the current laws for drone flights, finished videos are edited extremely well.”

Stewart McDiarmid

“Eddy came out and did a thermal inspection on my house and took some aerial photos while he was out and it was amazing. With the thermal inspection he was easily able to get shots of my roof and find problem areas as well as closeups to all the second floor windows thanks to having his drone. Image quality is amazing and he got some really beautiful pictures. I highly recommend his services and his prices were very good for what he offered. I have all the thermal imaging and...

Chris Skiffington

“Thank you! Awesome job!”


“Thank you Eddy, the photos you took for me were fantastic!!!”

Eva Gulbranson‎

Why Airrays?

We are insured and qualified to fly legally in controlled airspace with transport Canada safety certified equipment. Giving you piece of mind. We understand the rules and regulations required for safe and legal procedures. If hiring a none certified drone pilot, not only is the pilot breaking the law, but so are you. Our goal is to provide the best quality and service in a timely manner. If we do not meet your standards of work, we want to hear your feedback ASAP to ensure your satisfied.

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